As basic service provider, the Virac Water District (VIWAD) continues to evolve to make its services blend with the needs of every concessionaire.  The ever growing population and economic growth of our service areas demand corresponding service improvements to sustain positive momentum. And thus, VIWAD in its mandate will remain as a growth enhancer to address the changing demands.

While VIWAD strives for excellent service, it maintains customer-friendly relationship. Service requests are simplified and guided with utmost courtesy. Complaints are viewed and deemed as chance for improvement and promptly acted upon.

As guide for our concessionaires, Citizen’s Charter was meticulously crafted to make it easy and convenient in availing VIWAD frontline services with matching polite and attentive staff to assist in every step of transaction.

To raise the bar of customer satisfaction and efficient service, VIWAD continuously adhere to government anti-red tape policy, transparency and gender sensitivity of clients. We will continue to strive improving our facilities and reception areas with great emphasis on elderly, pregnant women and persons with disability to provide an ease and comfortable place.

By maintaining open relationship with clients, VIWAD listens and delivers what they deserve; after all, we are public servants that need to foster public trust.